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Kathleen Wheaton

Kathleen Wheaton was born in Germany and grew up in California, where she attended Stanford University. She then received an MFA from Boston University. Her fiction has appeared in many journals including Narrative, The Baltimore Review, Potomac Review, Bethesda Magazine and in the anthologies Flash Fiction Forward and Amazing Graces.She worked as a journalist in Spain and Latin America for 10 years and has received three Society of Professional Journalists awards for magazine feature writing. She is currently serving as president of WWPH. For more information, go towww.kathleenwheaton.com

About Aliens and Other Stories

Winner of the 2013 WWPH Fiction Prize
Best Indie Books of 2013, Shelf Unbound

A collection of loosely-linked stories about people coping with exile: from their nations, their families, their objects of desire. Political refugees from Argentina’s “dirty war,” survivors of a Cuban shipwreck and of Franco’s Spain, a former Peruvian missionary and a stubborn expatriate, navigate life in Madrid, Buenos Aires, and suburban Washington, D.C. A minor character in one story appears as the narrator in another, as different generations reconcile the absurdities of contemporary American culture with a legacy of dislocation, loss and longing.


What a pleasure it is to read Kathleen Wheaton’s collection of short stories, all of which expose with knife-like clarity the all-too-human flesh of contemporary life
—Anne Bernays

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