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President of Chile

On September 22nd, I attended the Conversation with Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile at the Ronald Regan Building in DC. It was amazing to hear her talk about gender equality in all aspects of life and the benefits of having gender equality.  I remember her saying that Chile is well off by having a balance of men and women both working in government and regular day to day jobs in society. President Bachelet also sympathized with how people treated Hillary Clinton; she commented on how horrible it is that they pick at her worst then they would ever pick at a man. Furthermore, she talked about how there should be respect for both men and women regardless of the situation and how both sexes should be on an equal plane-field. Overall, it was great to hear from a person from another country about how they feel about gender equality. It caused me to think more about how there was not enough gender equality in the world, however, with time it will change.