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American University Lecture- Is Global Governance Gone?

American University hosted a unique event Tuesday, where a panel comprised of three people discussed the topic of “Is Global governance gone?” The panel ranged from Professors of International Service to a man who was the deputy head of The Delegation Of The European Union. The topics discussed were all finance debates on a global scale. Is it specific countries duty to watch up on others? This includes issues with everything from starvation to climate change and energy shortages? Whose duty is it?

Something that was mentioned and really got me thinking was the topic of the American 2008 financial crisis. When thinking about the 2008 financial meltdown, I was always under the impression that we could have seen it coming, that we should have seen it coming. A French journalist said this idea is totally wrong. A lot of what she spoke about what over my head, however I could wrap my head around the idea of it. The 2008 financial crisis is a lot scarier then I thought. With all these watchdogs and systems that we have in place, this still happened? Could this happen on a more global scale? This idea really consumed me the entire lecture.

While walking to the American University metro stop, I was fascinated the wealth of knowledge that all these people possess. While knowledge on the same topic, their backgrounds are very different, yet they can come together for one unified lecture. The issues of global governance and whose job is whose, I’ve never really thought about. All panelists using their unique backgrounds had different opinions on issues and spoke about details I would never have thought about. However, while fascinated, I walked away very nervous for the future of the universe. The world players need to come together and work as one, and if that can’t happen, what will our future be like?