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Nuclear Nonproliferation

On February 27, I attend a State Department classroom presented by Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller There were a number of other students in attendance, we all sat inside a lecture hall in front of a large screen. As the lecture progressed pictures began to be displayed across the screen. These ranged from past world leaders to weapons facilities. Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller was very passionate about this topic and it was easy to see that she was driven and determined to get her message across.

As Gottemoeller opened up the classroom she began by explaining the beginning of nuclear weaponry in the United States as well as in other countries. She explained to us that as the years have gone on not only  the weapons improved but so have our defenses. The United States is one of the countries with a nuclear arsenal, but as Mrs. Gottemoeller described the weapons aren’t harmless just because they aren’t engaged to fire. As time goes on the material housed inside of the nuclear weapons can begin to leak out of the weapons and into the areas they are contained in. In addition to the weapons growing in age the areas they are contained in are only deemed safe for a period time. All across the world these containing areas have begun to age and a rapidly approaching the age in which they will need to be repaired and replaced.Instead of spending the large amounts of money to repair these areas  she is calling for nuclear proliferation. She explained nuclear nonproliferation as the effort to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. She told us that stopping the spread of nuclear weapons was going to be essential in the future. Nuclear warfare would be devastating. There have been steps taken in order to begin the process of nonproliferation but she believes that more must be done

The presentation lasted only about 45 minutes and then we were given a time for a question and answer session. The questions asked came from a wide range. Some asked about previous positions she has held while others asked more recent questions. There were a few that she was unable to answer due to their nature and topic.

Overall my experience here was a good one. I was disappointed that the weren’t many people their but in the end that added to the intimate setting and allowed for the students to get plenty of time for their questions. The topic of nuclear weapons has always interested me and I believe that as a whole more people should take a look into this topic.