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National security law and other legal Challenges of terrorism

Andrew McCarthy is a Editor; National Review; senior fellow at National Review Institute and Mackubin Owens a moderator; Dean of Academics; at The Institute of World Politics.

He discussed terrorism and national security law in America. According to the speaker, there is nothing we have learned from time but today we are prepared to face terrorism after the destruction of world trade center. There is an international systematic terrorism prevailing in world and there are marginal dissatisfied people in our community. They are of the view that they can’t deny the existence of Islam, followed by 1.6 billion people. Dr. Umar Abdul Rahman was overly incapable to do anything for terrorism, but he was the master of the ideology of terrorism, which is inspiring the young generation. The speaker have met with the terrorists, in order to find out their strategies. There is violet extremism and terrorist attack in America and formation of Al-Qaeda. They required evidences to prosecute the culprit in the court. A commission was formulated as a result of destruction of world trade center with all lawyers as analyzers and no investigator was there in the team. In 1990, there were some terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda, killing 19 men. In 1998, simultaneous attacks were made on U.S. embassies. In 2011, the major icon of International terrorist (Osama bin Laden) system was killed in Pakistan. There must be a military system and a national security plan made with combination of best justice system of military and civilian systems. The courts should be strict toward the guilty. One of the biggest problem is that, terrorist don’t present themselves as terrorist, so it is difficult to recognize them.

Putin’s propaganda machine and possible U.S. responses

William Courtney and Dr. Christopher Paul; Ph.D. discussed about the hybrid warfare. That there is need of plugging in the operation as an active measure. The RAND Corporation report on “The Russian ‘Firehose of Falsehood’ Propaganda include funding political parties abroad etc. Together with that they were discussing about the Canadian warfare and the Russian warfare. The Sovereign Union had a long history and recognition. After the period of 1980-84, Sovereign Union began his operations abroad. In 1978, Sovereign Union conflict was started. By December 1979, Sovereign Union invaded Afghanistan. After two years, new president of Russia was selected, his motive was to build replica of U.S. strategic nuclear army. Sovereign Union invaded not only border of Afghanistan, but also people of the area, resulting in diminishing its economy. It was discussed that Russia was not able to convince the western countries. Russian learned from their attack on Afghanistan that it’s too big and hard to invade it. One of the most, well known motive of Russia was to stop NATO army forces from entering into Afghanistan. For achieving this purpose Russia tried to separate American from European countries and created conflicts within the European countries. It was discussed that NATO is there for the purpose of security of world and its formation was a right decision. It was further talked that moto of Russia was to manipulate the expertise of America. Currently, Russia tried to effect the result of recent election at America.