The European Refugee Crisis: An Economic Opportunity

On April 5th, 2016, the Atlantic Council hosted speakers Antonio Spilimbergo, Moreno  Bertoldi, Laura Lane, and Katerina Sokou to discuss the migrant crisis in Europe and how it  could create an economic opportunity for Europe. Spilimbergo began the discussion with some of the facts and data about the immigrants, such as current and projected estimates.  He also talks about the effects of immigration on natives; arguing that the migrants do not steal jobs because their skills are complimentary to those of natives and that natives upgrade their skills in response to competition. Spilimbergo, Bertoldi, Lane, and Sokou discussed what society can do for the displaced migrants. They point out how several organizations have helped these refugees integrate into society, such as teaching them the native language. They argue that governments, civil society, and businesses must work together to destabilize the situation.  After the discussion, attendees were given the chance to ask questions.

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