New EU Ambassador David O’Sullivan’s Perspective

On Wednesday December 10, 2014, I attended an event at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that helped me gain insight on the role of the European Union. In the event David O’Sullivan was the guest speaker giving his perspective on European and U.S. relations. David O’Sullivan just recently became the EU Ambassador in November. At the start of the event O’Sullivan introduced his self and spoke about his previous jobs. For instance, he mentioned that one of his first jobs in relations was with Comi-con. When asked what he thought his key role as the new EU ambassador he said that his key role was to continue the work of previous EU ambassadors. O’Sullivan also spoke about the role of the EU. He stated that the EU is the largest trading partner in the world and strives to increase foreign policy and a security actor. The ambassador also noted that the EU provides the largest amount of funds for peace keeping operations in Africa. He then went on to speak about open trade and relations with the US and the EU. According to O’Sullivan, open trade can help improve the economic situation but it is a not a solution in itself. He stated that the EU is the only country that allows open markets with developing countries. O’Sullivan argued that trade is beneficial to everyone that’s involved in it. He stated that the EU is currently in the process of negotiating with the US. From the ambassadors viewpoint the cooperation of the EU and the US will help encourage the cooperation of other countries. O’Sullivan feels that the cooperation between the US and the EU is very important in the 21st century because they share many of the same values and for security reasons. He then went on to say that the EU and the US’s relationship was like the relationship of best friends. In addition to his discussion of the EU and the US’s relationship O’Sullivan went on to discuss Russia. He pointed out that it was harder and more costly for the EU to make sanctions against Russia but they did because they want to help solve the problem. In sum, I enjoyed this event because I was able to use my knowledge from my world politics class to understand and gain insight on the EU and what’s going on in the world.

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