U.S.-India Relations

On the 29th of April 2013 I went to a discussion on U.S-India Relation. Speaking at the event was the ambassador of India and a panel of U.S India Relations Experts Consisting of Raja Mohan, Vikram Sood, Derek Scissors, Lisa Curtis, and Sunjoy Joshi. On the table for discussion was Economic relations and counter terrorism.

All of the speakers were very positive about the future of the United states relations with India and saw it as only growing positively except Derek Scissors who was more fearful and negative about the years to come. He discussed a lot about trade and the economy. He said that India needed to focus on a better internal trade relation before we could establish a working bond with them.

I thought that what Lisa Curtis had to say was very interesting. She discussed where India has bought their weapons and aircrafts from in the past. She stated that in recent years they have been buying them from france, that comment sparked much debate when it came to the question part of the presentation. Many people argued that they have bought weapons here as well.

Over all i think i learned a lot about India that i didn’t previously know. In the future i will be more curious to see where out relationship with them goes.

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