Web and Social Media Design Fall 2018 Zanelotti

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Web and Social Media Design Fall 2018 Zanelotti



Website: https://www.nationalgeographic.com

National Geographic is known for their well written articles and their breathtaking photos. What a lot of people don’t know is outside of their magazine they have a stunning website. I chose this website for my inspiration cite because of many reasons.

The first reason is it grabs the viewers attention immediately with its HD photos of animals and nature. On the left side of the page it has a “latest stories” tab that shows the most recent articles. Each article has a photo that goes along with it.

Another reason is the websites layout. The layout of the website is broken up into various tabs from articles to photos to videos of what the explorers/filmmakers caught on their journeys. The website makes the viewer have to make a challenging decision on what they want to click on because of each photos breathtaking appearance.

Behind the photos and articles there are different background photos of the sky, earth, oceans, and space that are also very appealing to the eye. This website does an outstanding job to grab the viewer and pull them in and thats why they were my inspiration for this week.