Web and Social Media Design Fall 2018 Zanelotti

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Web and Social Media Design Fall 2018 Zanelotti


GET BANK: Giving Marymount students an outlet to find paid internships that work with different majors.


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The Campaign for College Opportunity



The following base for the College Opportunity campaign works with students in California as well as DC to give them the financial support and other resources they need to succeed in college. The campaign works as the middleman for students at community and junior colleges to be able to continue their education at a university. By working with different educational organizations, they are able to reach a bigger following base and provide more opportunities.


Our Students- Campaign – University at Buffalo


The University at Buffalo’s “Our Students” Campaign is successful because it helps its students find internships/jobs after college, get into study abroad programs, increasing financial aid for merit, and modernizing studios and classrooms for the students to learn and succeed. The campaign is based on helping every student that attends the university to ensure they succeed during and after their tenure.


Boston University Campaign


The Boston of University know the struggles that students have and they want to make sure for all students to be qualified to enroll in their program. Each year half of the students can’t afford to be in Boston University so the only way to get them in is to have assistance to help them so they are offering the aid package to help them graduate.


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https://www.wsj.com/articles/unpaid-internships-are-going-out-of-style-1530536400Topic related current events:

3.          In today’s society a lot of people are choosing to go into large amounts of debt to go to college. To try to control the debt many students one or multiple jobs to help pay through school. With unpaid internships people will work full shifts and get nothing for it. Juggling a full time job with school is hard enough but, having no source of income makes everything that much harder. An internship is usually two to three months, that’s a long time without having any income coming in and actually sets people up to accumulate more debt. Another way of looking at it is that unpaid internships make the hole that your in, deeper.  

              Millennials should not have to work for free to get their ‘foot in the door’. This statement of young people not having to work for what they get is a busted myth. The way the job market is now, we have to work twice as hard to compete with people that already have a degree and/or established title in the workforce. Not to sound ungrateful in anyway (the knowledge of working at an established company is very rewarding and beneficial for my future), the time spent between school and an unpaid internship leaves little to no time for extra cash flow on the side. So what is a broke college student to do?