Carol Lenning Lecture

Pulitzer Prize-winning Carol Lenning couldn’t stress the importance of accuracy over and over again. In her line of work, even a small error can potentially damage the credibility of the story or the reputation of the journalist. Sources are very important to a story, exposing information for the benefit of the greater good. Lenning had an interesting approach to journalism. She doesn’t determine what things are legal or illegal, instead, she wants to expose stories that make people question their government. They need to assess what standards we must hold our government officials to.


Drawing (by me) of the event

Defining Terms for this Modern Society

Internet: In time of aggression between America and the USSR, the US military wanted a safety-net for their current communications system. With the help of a Switzerland scientist, the US military succeeded in connecting computers directly for communication. With the modern Internet, millions upon millions of computers are connected together, sharing information with others.

World Wide Web: Put plainly, the World Wide Web is just a collection of formatted documents complied into one area. The formatting (html) also allows for other forms of media like graphics, videos, and more!

Web Browser: A Web Browser is a program (installed on your computer) that allows people to access the world wide web. There are many standard/common browsers, like Google Chrome, but hundreds of other narrowed and specific browsers (for doctors and other professions).

Open Source Software: With Open Source Software, anyone can alter, improve, and distribute the software for absolutely free! In this model, no one holds a copyright/ownership over the software, making is possible for anyone to use and change the code.

MySQL: The MySQL is another type of open source system that connect users to a variety of different databases.

PHP: PHP is a free software that is embedded in the html to create a “personal home page” and a more dynamic look/personalization. While this is not compatible with GNU, it still reaches over 20 million websites.

WordPress: WordPress is a content management system where anyone, not just coders, can create, change, and publish content on websites. Those with coding experience can alter the website code to further personalize their page.This website is a WordPress website!