Important Info Before Starting Web Campaign

  • Due 10/17:
    A) Campaign research – posted to your course website under “Campaign”

    Research needs to include:
    1) Three (3) related campaigns using websites and social media – related by audience and or by topic
    Profile of the followers and active participants for each related campaign
    Explain how successful each campaign is and why?

    2) 3-5 sources for each of the following background research on your topic
    Definition of your topic
    Evidence of facts about your topic
    Evidence of opinion about your topic
    Current “in the media” treatment of your topic

    3) Two to three topic related current events with and explanation how they are relevant to your campaign

    4) (Informal interview at least 10 students) to determine MU students’ opinion on your campaign topic

    Research sources need to include:
    Only reputable website – no Wikipedia
    Charities and nonprofits
    Organizations (government agencies: local, state and federal)
    Scholarly research on your campaign topic
    Media (magazines, newspapers, broadcast news, etc.)
    Marymount Library collections:
    Related specialized search engines and portals (webMD etc.)