Rakan Allam

Web Design Fall 2019

Rakan Allam

Weekly Reedings


UI: User Interface Design is its complement; the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product.

UX is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.

  • How they work together?

UX designer decides how the user interface works while the UI designer decides how the user interface looks. This is a very collaborative process, and the two design teams tend to work closely together. As the UX team is working out the flow of the app, how all of the buttons navigate you through your tasks, and how the interface efficiently serves up the information user’s need, the UI team is working on how all of these interface elements will appear on screen.

  • What UI and UX designers need to research?

Both will research what users want. What they expect from applications of the sort being developed.



1. The article shows about a recent controversy about Facebook spreading fake news. Because most of the people now consume news through the internet and most of it from Facebook, I believe that the action the Facebook made is effective. Therefore, it’s good to take time and be careful about this very sensitive topic and Facebook is doing that.




2. Ad blockers is a software that blocks add that pop up on the side of the screen for no reason, this pop up adds shows that you accepted a software into your computer and this is wrong because when they access your computer your personal stuff can be leaked and stolen without you knowing. Ad blockers helps you protect your personal information and rejects the pop up add to appear. Also, there will no longer be  video ads, pop-ups, flashing banners. Adblockers block these annoyances means pages load faster.




Reading 1.

having a successful non-profit website is to understand your audience and what they want from your website. You have to send out your message in a clear way, engage with the audience to have a clean website and easier to use to become a successful non-profit. The World Wildlife case got my attention because their website is so easy to follow the steps and go through it all.

Reading 2.

Reading this article will affect my approach to organizing website content because it states that there is really only one thing you should care about and that is content planning. While I disagree with because you should care about more then just that.

Practical Tips:

  1. Be specific about your wants with clients
  2. Keep all deliverables in one place, and put them there as soon as you get them.
  3. Ask for written changes
  4. Use Google advanced site search to quickly learn
  5. Ask your client for access to old stats
  6. Avoid being too specific in early stages


  1. Understand the goals of the website.
  2. Gather resources.
  3. Organize resources at top level and then at page level.
  4. Assess your work based on user profiles.
  5. Demonstrate your plan.
  6. Get approval.
  7. Move on.


Readin 1.

The Majority Illusion is when the majority thinks they’re in the minority. Social media networks can be used for social activism because people can show their support for things on their social media platforms. They also can promote things on it as well. People can see what things their friends like and then use it as well.

Producing solidarity in social media activism



The National Parks Conversation Association:

this campaign is to protect and enhance America’s National Park System for present and future generations. The visuals this campaign is using helps with the message they want to send because it is of a national park and it shows that this is one they want to save. Also the website is very bright and inviting. It is very easy to use and guides you through what you want to do.


This campaign is to defend our air, water, communities, and wild places requires more than a single voice. They want people to join the movement. It is easy to navigate and use the website, and the visuals on this website help you see what they are about. They have things you can click on to learn more and see what you can do to help. The colors they use make you want to stay on the site and see what message they want to bring to the world.


1. Best Use of Photography

Photographs by John Moore/Getty Images
Story by Kyle Almond, CNN

Only photography as it’s used throughout the site is judged. Geared toward sites that rely heavily on photographic imagery as a critical part of the user experience.

2. Best User Experience


the site offers the best user experience through innovative design, and useful functionality.

3. Best Writing (Editorial)


It demonstrates excellence in editorial, whether in journalism, breaking news, opinion or blog writing, humor writing, analysis, etc. Only editorial writing will be judged in this category.


Reading 1.

I agree with the statement about having a pop up warning people that they have been online too long. I believe  we all are guilty of being online way too long, and some of us don’t mind it. However, it isn’t good for you and your mental health. it should be there an alert when you have been online too long will show us really how long we spend on our phones or laptops.



Reading 2.

It is clear that social media does in fact affect the way the brain grows and changes after experiencing different things. They did a study where the white matter in adult brains changed as they learned to juggle over a period of time. Also, the study found that if you scan the brain before the adults learned how to juggle and then three months after learning you will be able to see the brain structure. So, time spent on social media could cause the brain to change and grow.