the article explains A simple method to analyze task flow

This method is useful while redesigning a website or an app, and while simplifying the most frequently used flows. Most importantly, all the data gathered can enforce your arguments during the negotiations with stakeholders.





  • desinged by Michael Bierut
  • rebrand Desing
  • Designed for the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • audience from the families who visit and support the zoo and safari park to the scientific community who contribute to its research.
  • the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are two of the largest zoos in the world, and Rex the lion lives on in the form of the Rex’s Roar statue that greets visitors at its entrance.
  • Together, the zoo and safari park are home to more than 15,000 rare and endangered animals, the organization that is committed to saving species worldwide+  one of the largest zoological membership associations in the world, with more than half a million members.
  • The reimagined mark brings together three animals that are important to the history of the SDZWA: Rex the lion; a California condor, a species brought back from the brink of extinction in a signature achievement by the organization; and a white rhino, which is currently undergoing one of most successful managed breeding programs in the world.

Desing element and principle





Heinz website stunt takes 57 minutes to load

the article is describing the Heinz ketchup company website which takes 57 minutes to load and the purpose is to say ” the good things take time”



Website Design

  • Designed by GC from Uk
  • Designed for Lewa House
  • The target audience is high-income traveler who is planning to travel and discover Lewa area in Kenya.
  • Conservancy, with fine views of the surrounding hilly savannahs and south to Mount Kenya, Lewa House is a luxury farm stay on a 7-acre plot, now entirely dependent on visitors. The property is owner-run by a Kenyan-Scots couple, who live there with their two young children.
  • One night is est $835 per person

Desing element and principle

shape +Rythm







About: Coca cola is aim to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one they sell by 2030, while also substantially reducing their use of virgin packaging materials, and only using packaging materials that are 100% recyclable.




  • Website Design
  • Designed by Build in Amsterdam
  • Designed for Moooi company
  • About : Moooi is a furniture, interior and lighting company based in the Netherlands and founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Visser. The brand takes its name from the Dutch word “mooi”, which means beauty, where the addition of an “o” has been planned to give a further impact to its unique concept.
  • Target audience :people looking for modern elegant furniture designs age is 25 to 44 years old+ people with high income.
  • Annual Revenue $16.5M for Moooi
  • Shapes and balance














the article is about 10 Tips for success in a creative career.

  • Get Some Help.
  • Make A Career Map.
  • Set SMART Goals.
  • Expand Your Skill Set.
  • Ask For More Responsibility.
  • Think Ahead.
  • Find Your Niche.
  • Nurture Your Network.
  • Embrace Change.
  • Be Resilient.




Gift Set

  • Designed by Wang Xiong founder and Art Director of Chinese studio Guge created a gift set to celebrate the 2021 Lunar New Year.
  • Chinese people is the target audience
  • “As early as the Western Han Dynasty more than 1800 years ago, people have hung red lanterns to express reunion and celebration. Inherited to this day, every new year, every household hangs red lanterns to symbolize success.”
  • Color + Rythm






Stylish new McDonald’s ads promote home delivery service.

Stylish new McDonald’s ads promote home delivery service

The article is talking about the new posters of McDonald’s .

The posters are the latest in a long-running series of McDonald’s commercials that have taken a simple, sleek style, allowing smart visual use of their iconic logo or their goods to give their viewers a message.




  • Designed by Simon Bent of Studio io
  • series of typographic artworks for Toronto-based band Dwayne Gretzky
  • shape + rythm



The article is about the new logo design for the white house.












  • Designed by Kevin Cantrell Studio
  • produced this elegant brand identity for Villa Beluno, a sophisticated hotel located in Bariloche, Argentina.
  • Color , Balance



This article explains the Principle of Consistency and Standards in User Interface Design.



packaging design


Designed by Tough Slate Design agency

Audience: people who want organic food that’s 100% made with vegetables.”

  • color
  • rhythm



Summary of Design-Related News Article 

An article published by the Interaction Design Foundation explains how one can put some emotions into a design using the Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. According to the article, emotional design is a big hit that has gained popularity over time with the acknowledgement that designs are supposed to provide a great level of user experience (“Putting Some Emotion into Your Design – Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions”, 2021). This is possible through the use of Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, an important tool that can assist the designer in delivering the desired experience to users. As the article explains, people love products which they use frequently, but for those products that they like, they can replace them with others that they love more. Therefore, if one elicits emotions in users, they make the customers develop loyalty and drive them to take action.

The article states that Robert Plutchik developed his psycho-evolutionary theory of emotions to categorize primary emotions and their respective responses. According to Plutchik, primary emotions develop evolutionary and as such, effective response to these emotions defines survival possibility. In regard to emotions, the article explains that Plutchik made several claims. One of the claims is that emotions are present at all evolutionary levels of species. The other claim is that emotions evolved differently in specific species. Another claim is that emotions developed as a survival tactic when faced with adversities. He also stated that there are only 8 emotions, including disgust, anger, fear, sadness, joy, anticipation, trust, and surprise (“Putting Some Emotion into Your Design – Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions”, 2021). All other emotions are a combination of these emotions. As the article stipulates, basic emotions can be paired as, joy and sadness, surprise and anticipation, trust and disgust, and fear and anger. In reference to Plutchik wheel, joy and anticipation lead to optimism or disapproval. A combination of joy and trust would lead to love or remorse. When trust and fear are combined, they yield submission or contempt. When fear and surprise combine, they result in awe or aggression. Disapproval or optimism would come to be from a combination of surprise and sadness. When sadness and disgust are combined, they give rise to remorse or love, and when disgust and anger are combined, they give rise to contempt or submission. A combination of anger and anticipation would lead to aggressiveness or awe (“Putting Some Emotion into Your Design – Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions”, 2021). According to the article, Plutchik’s model faces criticism mainly because it does not consider combining pride and shame.


Inspirational Design Sample

Save Paper Poster. Retrieved from https://blog.bannersnack.com/creative-poster-design-ideas/

The above advertisement design is an example of an outstanding graphic design and has a clear focus of where the designer wants maximum efforts for a maximum result. This poster generally delivers the intended message effectively as it seeks to create awareness among the consumers. The message is that there are many different resources used in the production of only one roll of tissue paper. The material that is mostly contained in tissue paper is wood, which has led to the expansion of gullies, migration, and extinction of animals due to harvesting trees, which is what is killing planet earth.

The poster effectively delivers its message by following the core of the seven elements and four design principles. One of the elements utilized in the poster is line and, in this masterpiece, they are responsible for creating the perspective of it as well as its shape. The second element is color, and this element is used by the poster to invoke emotions to the users. In this case, color invokes emotions making the users understand that their world is rolled in a single roll of tissue paper. The third element is shape, and it gives this poster a definitive width and height (Tomita, 2015). The fourth element is size, and this allows the viewer to know how big or small it is, and as such, the viewer can discern it virtually. The fifth element is value, and this is important as it gives the viewer the tome of the picture. Texture is the other element, and this element is demonstrated by the fact that by looking at the poster, the viewer imagines the sensation they will get by touching it. The last element is space, and this element is critical because it gives this poster its depth. In terms of principles, this poster upholds balance, rhythm, unity and emphasis (Tomita, 2015). In terms of balance, this picture, equality is created in that objects in this design are arranged appropriately. In terms of rhythm, elements are repeated with defined intervals to create a pattern in the design. The principle of emphasis is upheld by ensuring that the poster has a focal point of focus for the viewer. In this case, the viewer can see the whole world folded in a single roll of toilet paper to demonstrate the negative impact these products have on the environment and life in general. The last principle of unity is demonstrated by the fact that the design has a sense of completeness because all the elements have a well-described relationship.



Putting Some Emotion into Your Design – Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. (2021). Retrieved 1 February 2021, from https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/putting-some-emotion-into-your-design-plutchik-s-wheel-of-emotions

Tiburca, H. (2019). 20 Creative Poster Design Ideas for When You Have Designer’s Block. Retrieved 1 February 2021, from https://blog.bannersnack.com/creative-poster-design-ideas/

Tomita, Kei. (2015). Principles and elements of visual design: A review of the literature on visual design of instructional materials. Educational Studies (IERS, International Christian University). 57. 167-174.


Design-Related News Article 1/26

A graphics design article published by the New York Times on 20th January 2021 explains the art gallery shows everyone ought to see and experience. One of the art galleries is Irving Penn’s notion of photographism. According to this article, Penn’s show has two dozen photographs that illuminate the designer’s unique style who was articulate in both color and form. As the article further explains, Penn had the audacity of doing more than his pop artist contemporaries. These artists used billboard paintings and fashion illustrations in doing design works shown in galleries. Two of his works are “Fish Made of Fish, New York” and “Girl Behind Bottle” (Lubow & Heinrich, 2021).

The article goes on to explain that Martha Diamond’s design works are also worth exploring. As the article explains, “Orange Light,” is an anonymous work found in the studio occupied by this designer. The intriguing bit of this graphic design is that there are no visible bodies, but at the same time, one feels that it is inhabited. As the article further explains, Diamond has other intriguing works, including two large still lifes and 22 tiny Masonite studies (Lubow & Heinrich, 2021). The last proposed gallery is Fawn Krieger’s works “experiments in resistance.” As the article states, this started shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated. Krieger, in her designs, used concrete and epoxy filled in clay boxes. According to the article, this designer’s name “resistance” was a metaphorical phrase depicting Trump’s political resistance. Nevertheless, these boxes of Krieger, as explained by the article, have a wide range of colors and configurations (Lubow & Heinrich, 2021). This could be a strategy used by Krieger to protect her aesthetic life from a brutal cultural environment.

Inspirational Design Sample

Obama “Hope” poster: retrieved from https://www.designwizard.com/blog/modern-graphic-design/

The Obama hope poster is an example of an articulate graphic design. The poster was endorsed by former President Barak Obama and was created by Shepard Fairey in the former’s presidential campaign. The audience, in this case, was the United States’ voters and citizens to convince them to vote for Obama. The poster perfectly captured a moment that all the Americans were waiting for, a moment of change. This poster depicted that Obama’s skyward gaze to convince people that this leader was progressive and a forward thinker.

There are seven elements of design and four principles that contribute to the effectiveness of the Obama-Hope poster. The seven elements include line, color, shape, size, value, texture, and space (Tomita, 2015). In this graphic design poster, lines are used to create the shape of the masterpiece and create its perspective. As a result, a sense of continuance in a composition is created. The element of shape on its part gives this poster its definitive height and width. The use of colors in the picture invokes emotions and create interest from the audience. The size of the size is how big, or small something is, and this is applied in the poster to allow the viewer to discern it virtually. Value, as an element, allows the viewer to observe the tone in the image. The element of texture is also used in the poster to let the viewer imagine the sensation they might have if they touch it. Lastly, as an element of the design, space is used to create the feeling of depth. The principles include balance, rhythm, emphasis, and unity (Tomita, 2015). Objects in the design are arranged appropriately to create the impression of equality in line with the principle of balance. In terms of rhythm, elements are repeated with defined intervals to create a sense of movement and establish a pattern in the design. The principle of emphasis is used to design a poster that has a focal point to draw the attention of the viewer, in this case, the eyes of Obama. Lastly, the principle of unity is created in a manner that individual elements and the whole composition have a well-described relationship. This gives the design a sense of completeness.


Cole, M. (2019). Modern Graphic Design – 70 of the Best Examples. Retrieved 26 January 2021, from https://www.designwizard.com/blog/modern-graphic-design/

Lubow, A., & Heinrich, W. (2021). 3 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now. Retrieved 26 January 2021, from https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/20/arts/design/3-art-gallery-shows-to-see-right-now.html

Tomita, Kei. (2015). Principles and elements of visual design: A review of the literature on visual design of instructional materials. Educational Studies (IERS, International Christian University). 57. 167-174.