Career Goals

  1. Register and complete two UX design online class in 2021.
  2. Complete Google’s UX design course in 6 months to improve my knowledge and expertise in user experience.
  • Get gainful employment in the United States as a UX designer 1 year after graduation.
  1. Start my personal branding journey and have a noticeable online presence in 2 years.
  2. Start a UX design YouTube channel in 2 years to discuss issues in UX and interview UX experts.
  3. Start a UX consultancy firm 10 years after graduation.



Personal Branding

Step 1: My aim is to be a well-renowned User Experience Designer to help companies connect well with their customers by improving how they both interact.

Step 2: Many UX designers are taking their personal branding efforts to social media. They have great profiles on their social media accounts, post and share things related to UX design, and show their skills and projects with other people online. This helps them to have a great online presence which helps to attract clients.

Step 3:My logo in Arabic and English is showing that I’m a bilingual designer which will drive people from two languages and many different countries.

Step 4:  My game plan includes to have a strong online presence. The platforms I will mainly use are LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. I will use LinkedIn to connect with other UX designers and give my profile as a UX designer. Instagram and Twitter will be to share posts and articles relating to UX and also connect with other UX designers.

Step 5: My brand attributes include being competent, reliable, professional, excellent communicator, and team player. The niche I want to be in is web design and mobile apps.


SWOT Analysis


  • Knowledgeable and competitive in User Experience Design
  • Bilingual
  • work well in a team
  • motivating
  • Coding and technical skills


  • Stage flight when giving a presentation.
  • Poor public speaking skills.


  • Growing UX design industry
  • High demand for UX designers


  • Competition from other UX designers.
  • Many people getting into the UX industry.