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Bringing  online Game bullying to a Stop


#ShutItUp is a campaign to help bring cyberbullying to an end. Every day, thousands of people are bullied online on social media sites, gaming platforms, and messaging platforms. The cyberbullies aim to scare, anger, or shame the people they target. One of the common cyberbullying is in-game bullying. Report indicate that 57% of young gamers have experienced a form of bullying when playing online (BBC News, 2017). It takes the form of gamers insulting each other, harassing, and excluding some players. Other forms of in-game bullying include trolling, swearing, hurtful messages, threatening, spreading rumors, hacking into a gamer’s account, and sharing private information. This behavior has negative psychological impacts on the victims. It can lead to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, self-harm, lowered productivity, and suicide. Therefore, it is important to make people aware of these negative psychological impacts of in-game cyberbullying. The campaign aims to make more caring and aware of how their online behavior in gaming platforms affects other people. With the campaign, I hope people will be more careful with the words they use in online gaming platforms. They will be more supportive, mindful, and caring on the various platforms they interact with others.


BBC News. (2017). One in two young online gamers bullied, report finds. Retrieved from,



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The Campaign: Reducing cyberbullying among teenagers and young adults.

Hashtag: #ShutItUp

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing was a new concept for me. Although I had seen some campaigns in unconventional ways, I did not know it was guerrilla marketing. This marketing strategy is unconventional, has the capacity for being interaction, and targets consumers in unanticipated places. What I liked about it is that it does not utilize a huge proportion of the marketing budget although it has good results. In social media, we see guerrilla marketing strategies from time to time and they generate a lot of buzzes, and some turn to be viral. I think guerrilla marketing is a good strategy when done well and has the capacity to generate better results.

I think this is an effective tactic as it shows an uncomfortable dog with fleas. The idea of making the fleas big is excellent as people focus more on them and see how they make their dogs uncomfortable. This will make them purchase the spray to remove the fleas off their dogs. The sign is also big, readable, and located in a mall. It is also unconventional hence will generate a buzz and have people talking.




PSA Assignments

Rethinking PSAs for a Hashtag Generation

One of the things I learned is the need for cultural adaption when targeting the new generation. Times have changed and the young generation requires effective PSAs to capture their attention. Creating PSAs that have a personality and connects with social media users can be a good way to make the campaign effective. Adapting to the changing culture also allows creating good campaigns as it focuses on modern issues. I also learned of the huge budgets that governments and nonprofit organizations use for social media PSAs. In 2013, this was a total of $1 million and I believe the budget has increased over the years.

PSA Campaign

This campaign is effective because it connects with the needs of young voters and appeals to their logic. Young voters need to feel represented by their leaders and this campaign advocate for that by appealing to the logic of young voters.

The campaign is effective because it appeals to emotions. It makes the audience feel connected with their actions and understand how they affect other people. With the many interactions, people have nowadays, appealing to their emotions will help them feel better and be ready to undertake the recommended action.

It is effective because it appeals to the audience’s ability to be successful. Everyone wants to feel successful hence giving people an opportunity to express this will make a campaign a success.

The banners were effective because they appealed to the emotions. The message inscribed in the banner is emotional and would make people click it to give warmth to it. I also think the color change depending on the clicks was a good idea as it focuses on emotions. When someone sees there is a color change, he will see more people are clicking and he would not want to be left behind.