Ruben Cespedes

A multidisciplinary designer specializing in UX and Visual Design.

UI/UX Designer / 16 yrs. Designing Solutions/

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1. How did get your current position?
After 16 years working in the design field. I’m currently a Senior Product Designer.


2. What do you like most about your job?
Creating and designing solutions to complex problems.


3. What is your daily routine comprised of and what are the biggest challenges?

And how do you deal with difficult clients?


I have to say truly understanding the problems could be a little challenge, communication is the key, ask questions.

Try to understand your client’s perspective on things, they might need help and it’s our job as designers to educate the clients.


4. Where do you get your motivation and inspiration?

Everywhere, a book, a website, a sign, a movie, an app. Literately everywhere.


5. What changes do you anticipate in your field in the next few years.
As right now everything we see and use is consumer-based. User experience is the future, AR, VR, MR.


6. What advice can you give someone entering the field?
Learn from others, read books about design principles and UX Design, network, practice what you learn, always have your portfolio ready to show, be humble and enjoy the ride.


a. What qualities do you look for in an entry-level person?
Hungry to learn new things,  a person that is curious, open to criticism, willing to help when needed.


b. What do you look for in an entry-level portfolio?
Case studies are very important, companies want to see your design thinking, your process for specific projects. That is why you need to polish your portfolio every time you get a chance.