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Heaven and Hell

Heaven & Hell
I’m heaven he’s hell.
What’s to happen if we both prevail?
I’m his heaven he’s my hell.
What will happen if we both fail?
I’m pleasure he’s pain but for some reason I can’t refrain
Hellish fire and saintly rain.
I’m mad and he’s insane
But neither of us ever really possessed much sanity…
On this journey to heaven…
Or hell…
I need some clarity
I was on the path to heaven but he brought me hell
But when I look into his eyes all is well
He was on the path to hell but I gave him heaven

Will the crossing of our paths change our fates?

Heaven or hell, heaven or hell
Two disillusioned mind states
Heaven or hell, heaven or hell

Words that hurt like a thousand paper cuts
Love or hate sometimes I can’t tell what’s what
A touch that soothes like the blues
Sometimes I wonder if this is all a ruse

Heaven and hell, heaven and hell
So different but the same
Heaven or hell, heaven or hell

What happens when the two become one?
When heaven becomes hell and hell becomes heaven
Does the world slowly come undone?
Or just you and me?
No more me, you, or I.
Just we.

Heaven or hell, heaven or hell
Only God knows and only time will tell.

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