March 3, 2021

Marymount M.A. English & Humanities Career Panel

Majoring in a field with infinite possibilities can be a great thing. The world is practically your oyster. It can also be a bit overwhelming when you want to dabble in most of those possibilities. After completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I knew that I wanted to go on to get my master’s degree. I was torn between choosing English or Psychology. I have always had an interest in psychology and I have always been creative. I originally wanted to major in Fashion Design. I chose psychology because it seemed like the more practical route. I enjoy psychology and have a passion for learning about the human mind and human behavior. However, while I was studying psychology in undergraduate, I realized that there wasn’t much room for me to be creative or write anything other than research papers. I ended up taking so many English classes as electives that ultimately determined English as my minor. English was my creative outlet. It allowed me to write creatively and include psychology. With English, I could use psychology to analyze characters and then write about them. When I made the decision to get my Masters in English and Humanities, I was following my gut. After starting my degree determining what career path to follow became complicated. I want a job with a steady income, but I also want the option to be creative. Listening to the career I learned that its possible to have both, but not necessarily all in one. Some of the panelists were playwriters in their spare time and worked steady jobs at banks and as teachers. The panelists were really open about the process of life after getting your Master’s in English and Humanities. They made it clear that it isn’t always going to be easy and that things aren’t always going to go the way you plan. Sometimes you have to find ways to work with what you have. One of the panelists was kind enough to give her email after discovering that I was working on a creative project where I wrote a sequel to the play Harlem Duet. She told me how she never expected to end up in the career she was in but that it allows time to be creative in her spare time. The key take away that I got from the panel is to never lose sight of your passion even if you’re going through the lows in life. Lows are inevitable we can never predict the outcomes of things or always stay up. I’ve always been confident that I’ll be successful because of my determination. However, at times things can get cloudy and it’s hard to see and determine the right path. Listening to the panel helped me realize that there’s going to trial and error as well as failures and successes.  Things don’t always go the way we plan. Nevertheless, if you are able to keep sight of your passion and your purpose you will be able to make it.

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