March 3, 2021

Final Project Reflection

Veda Frye

Dr. Rippy

EN 501

Final Project Reflection


Creating a sequel to Harlem Duet was very fun for me. Although I chose to do a creative project, I learned a lot through research. My mind opened by my sources to many things. For example, the importance of knowing the author and the work you are continuing. This project really opened my eyes and help me see creative writing as a research method. I learned more things about hair and the history of dreadlocks from Barry Chavannes and my other sources. My overall purpose for doing this project was to redeem Billie. Along the way, I discovered many things like African Diaspora and I was able to learn more about the author Djanet Sears. I believe that I was successful in redeeming Billie by reuniting her with Jenny and mending her relationship with Canada. Through having her remember her dreams and start her path to following them also redeemed Billie. Although redeeming Othello was a part of my plans, I think it was also a very important component to healing Billie because the end of her relationship led to her breakdown. If I had more time, I would have loved to expand my scenes give Magi her happy ending and find true with Canada. This, however, is slightly implied in my brief script. I had another key goal that I wanted to achieve with this project and that was to create a believable sequel to Harlem Duet. Based on the feedback I received in class I feel that I was able to achieve this goal. Overall, this project was a success to me and it led to me creating and discovering things I didn’t expect. This is a project that I plan to continue.

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