National Grammar Day–March 4

Pull out the prepositions and conjunction and party until the verbs come turtle scute-brithday-2

Please share this grammar checklist from Grammar Girl.

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Blog #3: New Tutor Jitters

As a new tutor I had tons of fears at the beginning of the semester.  Not only had I just moved from a small east Texas town to continue my education not knowing a single person, I was beginning a new job as a tutor, something I had never done before.  It’s one thing to help a fellow classmate with an assignment or help jump start a friend with his or her writing assignment, but the initial thought of working with a student one-on-one honesty made me a little nervous and I began to doubt my abilities.  Fears such as “What if the tutee doesn’t think I am smart/capable of helping them,”  “What if I can’t answer a student’s questions” or “What if the tutee gets absolutely nothing out of the session and leaves feeling even more confused” raced through my head prior to getting into my tutor groove.  Once the initial “fear” wore off, I was able to take a deep breath, have more confidence as tutor and understand that I was hired for this position for a reason.  After a few weeks, the nerves finally went away and I began to look forward to the sessions and in turn learned a lot while helping the tutees.

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What have I learned?

What have I learned about myself as a tutor? This is a question that is hard to answer. I have learned that I greatly enjoy being a writing consultant which is something I already knew but it has been strengthened. I also learned a ton of information about MLA and APA writing styles. Being a writing consultant has helped my use of both of these citation styles. There is still a lot more to learn but I enjoy being able to write a paper of my own and having no trouble with citations and reference.

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Tutor observation

When observing the session, I noticed a few points. First, one element I liked and one that I see a lot at the CTL is how welcoming the tutor was to the student and how personal they were. I feel that this is extremely important to help the tutee feel as comfortable as possible. Next, the tutor was great at setting the student up with what they were planning on doing in the session. This was great for managing time for the session. One tactic that I would recommend for the tutor is to use paraphrasing more often. I feel that this tactic is extremely helpful for the tutee to understand the material.

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Fears of Tutoring

Like when starting anything new fears are always something that one encounters. One of my fears of beginning work at the Center for Teaching Learning is being asked a question that I don’t have the answer for and making the tutee even more confused. Being a writing tutor comes with having to know many things about writing and there is still much to learn. I am excited to see what I will learn from other students when working at the Center for Teaching and Learning. I still have the fear that I won’t be able to answer a question but with experience this fear should go away.

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