Biographical Note

Elizabeth Siddal lived a short and interrupted life. Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal grew up in 1834 as the daughter of a Sheffield cutler. Her family lived in London before she was born and she had three sisters and three brothers. Her father passed away before she became recognized in the social scene of artists. Elizabeth was lucky enough to be educated by her parents, and then became an apprentice of a bonnet shop in Cranbourne Alley of Leicester Square. Her first connection to poetry was a piece from the late Alfred Tennyson. Elizabeth was known for her beauty, her mesmerizing large green-blue eyes were captivating. She was a tall beautiful woman with an appealing neck, porcelain and rosy complexion, and supported large, voluminous, and  luminous golden hair.  Her life revolved around her partnership to Dante Rossetti, who was her husband. She became noticed from appearing in Dante Rossetti’s paintings. In those paintings, she was portrayed for her purity and femininity, she still elegant and appealing without looking prudish. After Dante painted her, Elizabeth Siddal was a requested model for many other painters, thus becoming the muse and inspiration of many paintings. Despite her fame in paintings, her poems were not known until after her death in 1862.

Work Cited

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