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Jesmyn Ward, the creator of her own world (Shereads).

Welcome to the World of Jesymn Ward. This website is dedicated to the American Author Jesymn Ward, and her book Salvage the Bones. Explore Ward and the stories the “bodies” tell in Ward’s World.

As you navigate through the site you may wonder why opted to have a dichotomic tone of liveness and sadness, this is to capture the essence of the novel and the characters. Ward states one purpose of the novel is to “display [Black characters in] the full range of human emotion” (264). Even with the hardscrabble characters enduring Hurricane Katrina and the catastrophic aftermath of it, the characters are still lively, personable, and emotional. One may assume the novel and the character would be solely detached and melancholy, but the tone of the novel is more than that. The tone of the novel is a reflection of the characters with a full range of emotions. We owe it to Ward to present the nature of the novel and characters to the best of our abilities.

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“I realized that if I was going to assume the responsibility of writing about my home, I needed narrative ruthlessness. I couldn’t dull the edges and spare them. Life does not spare us”(“Salvage the Bones”). – Jesymn Ward.