Innovations 2017

Innovations 2017 – Schedule of Events

November 1, 2017 – Ballston Center


8:30-9:00 Coffee/Breakfast  (2nd Floor Lobby)
9:00 -9:15 Welcome and Introduction of the Day’s events
9:15 -9:45 Lightning Talks: Why I love this research topic? And why you should too!  (Auditorium)
10:00-10:25 Breakout session 1  (See Rooms and Tracks Below)
10:30-10:55 Breakout Session 2 (See Rooms and Tracks Below)
11:00-11:25 Breakout Session 3 (See Rooms and Tracks Below)
11:30-11:55 Breakout Session 4 (See Rooms and Tracks Below)
12:00-12:45 Lunchtime discussions (See Room and Topics Below)

9:15 – 9:45 – Lightning Talks on Collaborative Research Topics

The following individuals will each provide a 5-minute “lightning talk” aimed at enticing your interest in a scholarly topic and encouraging your participation in a lively lunchtime discussion.

  • Faleh Alshameri:  Using ‘big data’ to examine and address societal issues
  • Yolanda Gibson:  Improving success of ‘At-risk’ college students
  • Brian Hollar: Addressing social injustice (locally or globally)
  • Laura Medhurst:  Increasing underrepresented groups in STEM/STEAM
  • Skye Donovan: Addressing pressing health and wellness issues (locally or globally)

9:45 -10:00  Break

Breakout Session Tracks:

Track 1: Health and Wellness
Track 2: Teaching and Learning
Track 3: Thinking and Design
Track 4: Politics and Social Justice

10:00-10:25: Breakout 1

  • Track 1. Alexei Wong, Cardiac Autonomic and BP Responses to Acute Foam Rolling. Room 3058
  • Track 2. Deana Jabar: CHEMCompete-I: A chemistry card game for substitution and elimination reactions of alkyl halides. Room 3010
  • Track 3. Beth Whitehead: Writing in Fashion: An Exploratory Case Study Examining Fashion Faculty Use of Writing and the Transmission of Industry Specific Genres. Room 3026
  • Track 4. Amanda Farrell and Stephanie Ellis Foster: Using Study Abroad Experiences to Enhance Criminal Justice Curriculum. Room 3018

10:30-10:55: Breakout 2

  • Track 1. Cynda Tipple: Advancing Care for Children with Disabilities:  A Capacity Building Partnership with Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre  Room 3058
  • Track 2. David Brown: Elaborated Specificity versus Emphatic Generality: A Corpus-Based Comparison of Higher- and Lower-Scoring Advanced Placement Exams in English. Room 3010
  • Track 3. Molly Dunn: Habits of Mind: A Case Study of Three Teachers Experiences with a Mindfulness-Based Intervention. Room 3026
  • Track 4. Robert Francis: Him, Not Her: Why Working-Class White Men Reluctant About Trump Still Made Him President of the United States. Room 3018

11:00-11:25: Breakout 3

  • Track 1. Julie Ries: Mom’s memory is worse, but her balance is better.  Room 3058
  • Track 2. Megan McFarlane: Beyond the Iconic Photograph: Fragments, Memories and Rhetorical Force. Room 3010
  • Track 3. Moira Denson: Empathic Design Matters- how resilient are we? Room 3026
  • Track 4. Hale Inanoglu: Women in the Gulen Movement. Room 3018

11:30-11:55: Breakout 4

  • Track 1. Uma Kelekar: Work hours lost due to dental visits in the US, National Health Interview Survey 2008.  Room 3058
  • Track 2. Faith Claman, Clara Hauth, Jennifer Tripken and Diana Venskus: The Development of an Interprofessional Education Global Service Learning Course: From Conceptualization to Realization. Room 3010
  • Track 3. Anne-Marie O-Brien: Incorporating the Use of Mindfulness Practice to Decrease Perceived Stress and Increase Attentiveness and Well-being in College Students. Room 3026
  • Track 4. Marc Delmonico: Theological Inquiry and Leadership in a “Post-Truth” Era – Insights from Blessed Oscar Romero. Room 3018


Alternative Format Presentations

For the first time, this year, we accepted conference presentations in alternative formats. These are posted to the Teaching@MU web resource, found at

Cassandra Good, History:  Washington Family Fortune: Lineage and Social Capital in the Early Republic. This podcast presentation is posted to the website at this link.

Behnaz Z. Quigley & Narendra Rustagi:  Accounting: Entrepreneurs – Do Your Own Accounting. This will be a podcast posted on the website.

Kimberly Meltzer, Communications/Media Design: From News to Talk: The increase in opinion and commentary in news.  This will be a video podcast posted on the website.

12:10 – 12:45  Lunch Breakout Session Topics, Facilitators, and Rooms

Pick up a boxed lunch in the 2nd Floor Lobby and bring it with you to one of 5 lunchtime breakout sessions for continued discussion of a morning lightning talk topic. Share your experiences and interest in the topic; add your ideas about key problems to address; join in with others for ongoing investigation of potential projects to pursue together.

Topic 1: Projects that use ‘big data’ to examine and address societal issues. Facilitator: Faleh Alshameri.  Room 3058

Topic 2: Projects directed at improving success of ‘At-risk’ college students. Facilitator, Dr. Leigh Johnson. Conference Room Second Floor

Topic 3:  Projects addressing social injustice (locally or globally). Facilitator: Dr. Brian Hollar, Accounting, Economics & Finance. Room 3010

Topic 4: Projects directed at increasing underrepresented groups in STEM/STEAM. Facilitator: Dr. Laura Medhurst, Biology & Physical Sciences. Room 3026

Topic 5: Projects investigating pressing health and wellness issues (locally or globally). Facilitator: Dr. Skye Donovan, Physical Therapy. Room 3018


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