Teaching Toolbox 2020

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Agenda for Teaching Toolbox –  January 8, 2020. 8:30-9:00: Coffee and refreshments (2nd Floor Conference) 9:00-9:15: Provost’s Welcome. Dr. Susanne Ninassi (2nd Floor Conference) Session 1. 9:30-10:00   Dr. Kate Koppy (Literature and Languages): Teaching Editing in the Writing Intensive Classroom.  Room 3010 Joe Provenzano (Academic Affairs): Teaching for Retention with 10 Questions of “When.”  Room 3018 Dr. Eric Bubar (Biology and Physical Sciences): Virtual Reality (VR) in your Classroom? Room 3026… Read More

Presentation on Cultural Awareness and Pedagogy – March 6, 2019

Links discussed during the presentation: 1. Slides on Culturally Responsive Teaching from Liliana Vedia, Assistant Director International Student Services. (MU Login) 2. Links from Dr. John Gilbert’s Presentation on Transitioning Between Writing Cultures. https://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/ACTFLPerformance_Descriptors.pdf https://www.actfl.org/publications/guidelines-and-manuals/actfl-proficiency-guidelines-2012/english/writing 3. Joe Provenzano’s Post on the Inclusion By Design Survey from JMU/UDC. Resources on Inclusion: Page from the University of Michigan on Creating Inclusive College Classrooms.  (Note the discussion of Problematic Assumptions.)  

Inclusive Teaching: Inclusion By Design Survey from JMU

Take some time to look at the Inclusion By Design Survey  This was developed by James Madison University and the University of the District of Columbia. Suggested technique: Use this survey to help you think about how inclusive practices already appear in your teaching and what others might be included in the future. Resources: Creating Inclusive College Classrooms | CRLT. (n.d.). Retrieved March 5, 2019, from http://crlt.umich.edu/gsis/p3_1 – This article includes an… Read More

Article: How Should I Study for the Exam?

This article How Should I Study for the Exam? is by Dr. Maryellen Weimar, who keeps the Teaching Professor Blog. This article discusses student self-regulated learning strategies and a survey a faculty member can administer after exams, to guide students in developing study skills. https://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/teaching-professor-blog/how-should-i-study-for-the-exam/

Blended and Flipped Activties

Creating Blended and Flipped Activities Dr. Joe Provenzano Director Faculty Development, Teaching, and Instructional Design Center for Teaching and Learning Blended and Flipped What are the Differences/Similarities Blended: involves using online activities, resources that supplement face-to-face instruction.  Online learning activities may replace face-to-face activities but blend with those delivered in the class to create a cohesive experience. Flipped: Elements of a class are presented online for students to complete prior to coming… Read More

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