Trevor Noah’s Comedy Tour Back to Abnormal

By David Moreno

Photos by David Moreno

As the world returns to a sense of normalcy, many of our cherished artists and comedians are returning to the stage. One comedian, well-known across the globe, started his comedy world tour in August. South African comedian Trevor Noah paid Washington D.C a visit. 

On October 15th, Noah performed at Capital One Arena. The show began with showing some of his previous performances, and featuring Meek Mills and Drake’s hit song “Going Bad.”  The performance was simply phenomenal, making jokes regarding the pandemic, political issues, and more. Noah’s performance exceeded his crowd’s expectations, and blew the roof off with intense laughter. Not only was his performance comedic, but it also made his crowd reflect on some of the customs and norms society has kept for many decades. The audience found one joke in particular hysterical. When boarding planes, it’s the business class that goes in first- when in reality, it should be the economic class boarding first. Noah said that it would make much more sense if airlines started boarding from the back in order to prevent any traffic from building up. Such a simple observation made the audience burst into laughter. He also shared some of his thoughts on the United States handling of the pandemic and made his comparisons to the African continent and their control of the pandemic. He was amazed how well most African countries were doing. Most African countries have dealt with countless epidemics so it was simply like second nature to most of them. Noah made a hysterical impression of how an African News anchor reported the United States response to the pandemic as failing to follow basic instructions and the need to learn how to properly wash their hands.  

 Noah closed his show telling his crowd how much fun he had with them and that he will see them soon. It truly was a night to remember and rejoice in laughter. 


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