Self-investment From A Different Perspective

By: Yamees Althoabiti

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All major crises that hit humans globally are impactful, specifically if they were health  and financial crisis, such as Covid-19 pandemic. Mental health, education, financial stability all  these factors play a big role in humans’ lives. The Covid-19 has impacted all sectors all over the  world. Before the pandemic, most students were enrolled on campus and many had part time  jobs either on or off campus. There are different reasons for students to get jobs while they study. 

For instance, some students seek jobs in their area of interest to have more experience and build  a nourish network, while other students look for jobs to have an additional source of income.  Unfortunately, the outbreak has caused limitations and changes in jobs on and off campus.  According to Neil Irwin, a senior economics correspondent at The New York Times, “In the  details of government employment data — covering hundreds of industries — can be seen a jobs crisis that penetrates deeply into the economy.” (2020). As a result, students are no longer able to  get jobs and may face more challenges after graduation due to the economic changes the  pandemic has caused. It is true that 2020 has been hard for all humans, yet the adaptation to the  challenges has created new opportunities that students can take advantage of to keep achieving  their dreams. Therefore, the outbreak has illustrated the importance of providing a self investment to avoid any downs that harm health, education and economy.  

Firstly, self-investment in health should be your number one priority. Being healthy is  one of the most important blessings an individual can have, as it influences other areas in life.  According to Elizabeth Scott, a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of  life, (2020), “Health problems can make daily tasks more challenging, create financial stress, and  even jeopardize your ability to earn a living.”. This illustrates how health issues can go beyond  the health circle of someone’s life. Therefore, investing in your health early saves you and  provides you a lot. There are many ways to invest in your health without costing you money. For  example, set yourself a sleep time that you commit to it daily, watch what you eat, and finally  workout multiple times a week. Another reason why you should invest in your health is the  impact of coronavirus. An article in The Conversation (2020), states that “The COVID-19 pandemic won’t be the last we face, so it’s vital that we use every preventive tool we as a society  have.”. Therefore, one of those preventive tools is maintaining your health.  

Another reason why you should make a self-investment is education. Education is one of  the most important factors of success these days, as it provides the individual more opportunities  in many areas of life like the professional one. According to Bob Herbert, a journalist in The New York Times (2007), “A new report from the Center for Labor Market Studies at  Northeastern University in Boston tells us that young adults in general have been struggling in  the labor market. Many have been left behind by the modest economic recovery of the past few  years, especially those with limited education credentials.”. Herbert’s statement represents the  professional difficulties a person may face due to her/his low educational qualifications. As a  result, it is vital that you as a college student be aware of the importance of your education,  despite its challenges, in your lifetime. Another reason shows why self-investment in education  is important is the impact of Covid-19. Education may support students in the long-term,  especially when crises occur. “While teleworking is often an option for the most qualified, it is  seldom possible for those with lower levels of education, many of whom have been on the front  lines in the response to the pandemic, providing essential services to society.” (Schleicher,  2020). Although the education field has been extremely affected by the pandemic and the online  schooling is stressful and unpleasant, the statement expresses the importance of education during  such impactful crisis. Lastly, college students should keep in mind that learning is a continuous  process throughout their lives, perhaps it is method and time. Marymount University provides its students with a wide range of activities and workshops that enhance their educational journey,  nourish their knowledge, and improve their skill set beside the academic courses.  

A final reason illustrates the importance of self-investment is the economy. Your self investment in health and education will contribute to your economic status. For instance,  maintaining your health will decrease your expenses on health care and improving your  education will increase your career opportunities. As mentioned earlier, during the pandemic  people with low educational credentials, were mostly impacted in their jobs, which logically  means they got affected financially. Therefore, enhancing your financial ability is essential. As a  college student, there are many ways you can adapt to do so. For example, setting a budget plan  that includes saving. Saving could be made for different purposes, but most importantly it can be  a backup plan during hardships like the coronavirus or other circumstances. A real example of  someone who could invest in saving during college is Leon Moukendi, a business student from Wiley College. Moukendi states that Saving is important for students because it helps them graduate  college without a huge financial burden.” (2014). Another way to make self-investment  financially is to turn your interest to a source of income. For instance, if you have passion in  graphic design and you have worked on improving your designing skills, you can turn that into a  business online. Daniel Scott Mitchell in his article “Why Every Student Should Start Their Own  Business” (2019) mentioned that “No time like the present: For the most part, students have  more time at their disposal than they will for the rest of their lives, so they should not wait to  start a business.” Through these methods, as a student college you can effectively invest in  yourself financially to avoid the uncontrollable economic recessions impact on you.

In conclusion, an individual should be responsible to secure and improve continuously  the main areas of living like health, education and economy. The self-investment you make today  will function as a supportive plan during hardships and a golden key that will open new doors of  opportunities both in all areas of life. Therefore, go ahead and make an investment in the most  important dimension, yourself. 

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