Marymount Men’s Lacrosse

By: Luis Vivas 

Due to the Coronavirus, student-athletes’ season came to an end early in 2020. Students from the lacrosse team at Marymount have been meeting online through Zoom every two weeks to check in with the coach.  The coaches are doing this to make sure everyone is doing fine academically, physically, and mentally.  They also receive workout programs that they can do from home because student-athletes have to make sure they stay in game shape until everything is back to normal.


The Coronavirus or Covid-19, as scientists might say, has forced the rest of the semester to be online at many universities and here at Marymount.  This has caused universities to go online for the remainder of the Fall 2020 because of the epidemic.  Health experts have made it clear that we cannot be in large groups, so the virus stops spreading.  The virus has caused many deaths which stopped schools from having classes in person, creating a challenge for students as they changed how they learn.  This affects all students including student-athletes and their routine 

This problem has caused students to stay at home and student-athletes’ seasons had to end early because of that.  This probably affected seniors more as most of them were not able to finish their last season at Marymount.  

Athletic directors cannot do anything with all the seasons on hold and as recruiting becomes harder.  How does Marymount and other universities recruit more athletes to play for the school?  It is more challenging when they cannot have a student come for a visit to the university and pitch them a reason to come.  This impacts not only current students but future students the university tries to bring in.



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