Five Tips for Online Students on Zoom

By Anita Afzal

Since the breakout of COVID-19, it has caused universities to move their spring and summer classes online. However many students have been frustrated at the fact that they did not have time to get adjusted from taking classes in-person to online. Many students have been trying to cope with recent change although some students are still struggling. The virus has spread globally, affecting numerous countries and sectors and our education system has been no exception when it comes to the effects of Coronavirus. However, studying online does not guarantee online learning students that you will be free from the COVID-19, considering that other aspects of life have to continue. 

In March 2020, Marymount University sent out an email to students letting them know that the remainder of the semester will be online and won’t be coming to campus. Many students were highly disappointed, especially those who are graduating. Many students find it very difficult to work online because they fear being lazy and not getting work done, it is hard to use a computer and do work online, they cannot focus and need guidance and help from a professor. Many students love the fact that they can ask teachers questions upfront and get an automatic response rather than waiting a couple of days to get the answer to what they are having trouble with. These are tips that Katie Walter at Marymount’s Center for Teaching and Learning follows and wants to share with everyone else on how to be on top of things. 

This is an interview with the permission from a Marymount student Khadija Ali about her personal experience with Zoom and how she personally feels about being a senior and having her last semester online.  AUDIO_8674.m4a  – (to open right click then open the hyperlink).

 This YouTube video is a short clip that can help students at Marymount stay focused and determined:

When asked how she is dealing with Zoom and her professors, Lina Afzal who is a junior at Marymount University, stated, “Honestly it has been very hectic because I am an interior design major and I have been having assignments on top of one another and there are many times where I feel stuck or need help on a specific project and I am unable to get help right away and my professors usually respond back to me within a few days which is really frustrating.” 

However, Marymount’s Career Services, President Becerra, and professors have been very helpful during this time. Students have received many emails from Career Services helping students who need help with internships and other things. President Becerra has been great with keeping students updated with news on graduation, library sources, career services and so much more once a week. Students also receive great news once a week from The Bark keeping students updated with great images and news from the school and how to keep us connected at all times.

Everyone has a responsibility to keep themselves safe as well as those around us. However, staying at home is not all, but you need to ensure that you maintain good hygiene standards even as you continue to study online, according to the World Health Organization. Most importantly, being vigilant about your health is the first step to combating the Coronavirus. Therefore, online students should take up these tips and implement them in their routines to ensure that they remain safe and stop the spread of this pandemic. Stay safe, stay healthy, and protect others. Marymount University students should stay positive and do their very best in tough times like this because we are in this together.


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