Back in the Burger Business: Another change to Bernie’s menu

By Noelle Larino

Photos: Pixabay

For those who have been to Bernie’s, you may have noticed a change in the menu from last semester. The Mexican inspired menu that featured tacos, burritos, bowls, and salads is gone. Instead, Bernie’s has replaced the menu with American cuisine inspired foods that included burgers, wraps, and sandwiches. 

For upperclassmen, this menu is familiar. Much of the food currently offered had been offered before Bernies was rebranded into the 1950 Taqueria y Cantina Mexican food cuisine. 

According to Noel Lopez, a junior Communication major minoring in Business Administration, “They seem to be bringing back old favorites like mozzarella sticks and introducing new favorites like fried Oreos.”

Marymount students reacted to this change. In response to the menu switch, Lopez stated, “I am very pleased with the new change at Bernie’s. I appreciate the new change going from strictly Tex-Mex food to more hamburger and chicken foods.”

Jeidy Luperon, a Marymount senior English Secondary Education major, also responded positively to the new menu at Bernie’s. 

“I was delighted when I saw the menu change at Bernie’s. I like that there is now more of a variety of food available to students. Although I liked the food at Taqueria, there was not much variety at all,” Luperon said.

While some like Luperon will not miss Taqueria’s foods, others will miss the menu from last semester. “I do miss how Taqueria had more healthy options,” says Lopez.

Regardless, the new menu seems to be drawing Marymount students back to Bernies. “I do find myself going to Bernie’s more often for food,” says Lopez.

“I do find myself more drawn to Bernies now that there is a new menu. I am now more willing to spend money on the more varied food options that they offer. Last semester, I would only go twice a month. Now, I find myself going more often as I do not tire of the limited menu anymore,” says Luperon.

Overall, Bernie’s menu change has attracted Marymount students and has sparked nostalgia for students who enjoyed Bernie’s original menu.


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