Designer Feature: Monique Casimiro on classic femininity in fashion

Photos: Allison Novak, January 20, 2017

By: Allison Novak

Monique Casimiro, one of Marymount University’s five fashion design seniors brings an elegant and classic perspective to the program, allowing viewers to find a timeless romanticism within every garment she creates. Perfect for her newest endeavor: bridal.

image02Casimiro’s inspiration is drawn from her deep-rooted interest in costume design. As a child, she would stare admirably up at the flowing garments in movies, wondering how each and every piece was so carefully constructed. After realizing that these fantastical garments weren’t a common sight at the local clothing store, she took matters into her own hands.

“That’s when I learned how to sew, because then I thought -hey, I can make whatever I want,” Casimiro said. “That kind of shifted into my love for fashion.”

Today, Monique claims her signature style is a traditional look with an almost opulent aesthetic. When asked to describe her design approach, she follows her flair. “I really just love the classic kind of silhouettes with some femininity.”

In the upcoming Spring 2017 fashion show, Portfolio In Motion, Casimiro’s designs will reflect the style of some of her favorite evening-wear image06pieces made in previous years, now with a new twist. The audience will be saying ‘I do,’ as Monique’s exquisite draping skills encapsulate viewers.

“I’m leaning more towards bridal, at this point. It kind of encompasses everything I love about constructing and fashion…so that’s mostly where my interests lie,” she explained.

After the blood, sweat, and stitches that are needed in preparing for the show, Monique plans to stay in the D.C. Metro Area following graduation, pursuing a career in fashion design. One day she anticipates her compass may point her north. “Hopefully [I will] find my way to New York at one point in my life, because I would just love to live that–at least once.”

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