Subject/topic research:
This logo project is for Marymount University’s Opioid Awareness Push. So far in 2018 seven people have died of opioid overdoses in Arlington alone. Across the county people are dying of overdoses at an alarming rate, prompting it to be declared a full-on public health crisis. Recently the color dark purple has been coopted to represent the crisis much in the way that pink represents breast cancer awareness.

Historically Opioids have been around in some form since the 1800s. After the American Civil war, veterans prescribed morphine were sent home to their families who could no longer recognize them due to their addiction. In modern times, this manufactured crisis has been caused by the over-prescription of opioid pills used for pain management. As the public became aware of the rising number of men and women hooked pills restrictions were placed on their sale. This forced many addicts to turn to the street and heroin to find their fix in order to avoid withdrawals.

There is similar opined awareness pushes from local groups all across the country. Groups such as South Central PA Opioid Awareness Coalition, the Justice Department, and International Overdose Awareness Day promote understanding, prevention, and recovery for those suffering from addiction. Other organizations, such as the CDC, also have the section on their websites about the Opioid Epidemic, however, they do not have logos.

Media perception

In the media the opioid crisis is portrayed as just that, a crisis. In states where there are higher numbers of deaths the language used is that of a war.