Revised Brief

Creative Design Brief Revised
Project Title: Femininitea

The measurable will be this completed visual branding which will include: typography, color, texture, packaging, logo, etc.

Femininitea box not only promotes feminist leaders from the past but will empower women of today by including items from female-owned and operated businesses, while featuring in each box a sustainably grown and procured looseleaf tea that reinvests in the women involved in its production. The goal is to help the woman growing the tea to receive educations that they otherwise could not have.

Femininity will be targeting women aged 25-40 who will be more susceptible to social media marketing. These women are liberals so social justice issues, environmental issues, and politics are all subjects that they would find appealing.

According to a study by Hitwise, of the 5.7 subscription shoppers in the US, 61% of them are women. Based upon this fact, and in conjunction with other demographics, collected from that same survey the audience for this product is: women, aged 41, who are educated, are considered liberal on their personal politics and have a household income of over 100,000 a year.

The secondary audience is people shopping for subscription boxes as gifts. Many of these purchases are made by men, usually as gifts for their girlfriends, wives, and mothers. As such, the visual brand should be clear, easy to navigate and identify for people who would not usually be looking for it. The messaging about the product needs to be simple so that this audience knows exactly what they are signing up for.

The tone and imagery will be encapsulated by the following adjectives: feminine, empowering, and organic. The image of the brand will be of a hip, socially conscious service, that offers fun surprises. On social media pictures of the office, the women helped by the
The tone of the brand, also following the previous adjectives, should empower the recipients and spur them to share what they’ve learned. The product should inspire women by the example of those who have come before them, it should be a fun surprise for them, and it should encourage them to share what they’ve learned with friends and family.

The top features are that it is a feminist product that improves the lives of the women who work to create the items that come in the box. The tag-line for this product is “Empowerment, feminism, and tea”. It encapsulates the mission of the company and is easy to remember, share, and adapt to various platforms from the side of our boxes to an illustrated piece on Instagram.

In terms of the design of the box, it will be white, while the type is pink, however, the typeface will be a strong, rugged, modern sans-serif which will highlight the “strong” adjective. Inside the box, there will be a print that matches whatever woman is being featured that month/quarter (if Rosa Luxemburg it will have roses printed if Marie Curie beakers). The highlighted women will be illustrated by an artist so as to avoid any copyright issues. To tie things together, the tea featured in each box will be matched to the woman highlighted by the box, either in flavor or name (again, if Rosa Luxemburg there would be a rose tea, etc.). The items inside the box will all follow the color theme set by the inside of the box to give it a sense of continuity. These items can be anything from a book written by the woman highlighted to a mug with a quote from her on it. The brand name in the selected typeface will act as the logo instead of having the name and a logo.