Lantern Theater Company promotional materials Brochure:

Beijing Yintai Centre brochure:

Orla Kiely for Target Editorial Look Book:

The Mead enter for American Theater Book:

British Museum Partnership UK brochure:

I love this brochure because of

-The strong color pallet

-The way she incorporated so much copy without it being overwhelming

-The pull quotes



For the first marketing campaign I looked at the Ikea You are a Coupon ad. While I find the idea of reducing a person to a coupon disgusting, I understand why this was popular. The idea is to hype the opening of a new location by getting the community to come out on the promise of a coupon worth $250.

The second marketing campaign was for Always. The idea of empowering young girls to retain their confidence past puberty is a great idea. The short videos that they shot highlighted how confident young girls can be and how/why they loose the confidence. By allowing some of the personalities of the girls to shine through the viewer is able to connect to the message being given.

The third campaign was for DC shoes. What made it so great was the use of humor, the entire thing made me smile because it was so rediculous.


For this exercise, I played the type connection game. I learned that matching different typefaces is incredibly difficult…at first. The first few rounds I played I was consistently getting the pairings wrong. By the end though, I learned what makes different typefaces compatible. For example,¬†Archer and Avenir work together because they both are very geometric despite being total opposites otherwise.

The first marketing/branding campaign I looked at was the Eyescrem and FRIENDS Identity. What really sets this apart from similar products and companies is the humorous approach with which the entire campaign embodies. They are utilizing language, tradition, and inverted expectations in an incredibly successful way. The mascots that represent each flavor are tied into the actual product through the addition of the eye candies, making them not only fun but useful.

The second campaign was for the Custom Color Corp. The obvious strength in this is the use of color. For a custom printing company, this only makes sense, but their use of such highly saturated and varying colors is what really sets them apart. From the business cards to buttons, the bright patterns command the viewer’s attention. While overall this is incredibly good, at times it takes away too much from the text.

The third marketing campaign was for Bruk. The photography and art direction that went into curating these advertisements really captures the essence of the brand. The minimalistic and utilitarian designs are echoed throughout the packaging, app, and print add. By using a limited color pallet, sans-serif type, and negative space it really engages with the brand’s identity.


The final campaign was for Elderbrook Drinks. This identity is a perfect example of illustration being successfully integrated into the product design. The bright and fun illustration mimic the bright and unique flavors of the cordials themselves thus making them useful not just fun. In addition, by carrying the same color pallets from the bottle to the descriptions it ties the visual identity strongly together.