Creative rationale:

For this direction, the influence comes from the 50s and 60s advertisements that have been making a resurgence in popularity. The retro design is appropriate as it ties partly into the long history of the Catholic Church, and anchoring it in a time when it underwent a major modernization. By including these retro touches with the modern typefaces and illustrative elements it brings the Catholic Business Network’s history and mission together in one type logo.

Creative Rationale:

This logo again brings the 50s and 60s typefaces into modern logo trends. It ties together the historic moment that the church was going through with today’s popular layouts for type logos.

The final type logo is evoking the Holy Trinity with the three complete circles. The first typeface was chosen to tie in the long history of hand lettering in the Catholic Chruch dating back to the height of its power in the Medieval era. The second typeface is meant to invoke the modern tightlaced standard that business have adopted. The final typefaces are a mix of a hand-lettered and digitally produced type. The hand-lettering makes the logo more approachable while the sans serif used for the CBN’s name aids legibility and keeps things looking modern.