Design Brief

Catholic Business Network Design Brief

Catholic Business Network Rebrand


Catholic Business Network of NOVA is a small grassroots group of business people who have the goal of integrating their faith life into their work one. Objectives of this project are to create a logotype for the Catholic Business Network based on Catholic symbolism. The deliverables for this project will be a logotype and refreshed website design.

Project Description:

Deliverables include a logotype and a refreshed website design.

Primary and Secondary Audiences:

Potential sponsors of Catholic business Network of NOVA are the primary audience.

Secondary Audiences:

potential members, the NOVA business community, and current members.

Tone and Image:

Imagery is dictated by the mission of the group: to integrate faith life and work life together. As such, including religious symbolism unique to Catholicism will set the group apart from other Christian Business Networks.

Creative Direction and Inspiration

This logotype, it is inspired by 50s and 60s retro badge logos. It is a great way of incorporating the name of the organization while also including illustrative elements that further the purpose of the group. This is appropriate because this anchors the designs into a moment in Chruch history of great modernization during Vatican II.