Project Title: Brochure for DSA Brake Light Clinic


The Metro DC DSA NOVA branch is holding a free brake light replacement in Reston Virginia in order to mitigate commodity exposure to the police. In order to accomplish this goal, DSA is replacing brake lights which is one of the top reasons cars are pulled over. The idea is to not give the police an excuse to pull people over in the first place.

Project Description:

To complement the brake light replacement, the NOVA Branch is looking for a simple handout the covers: why they are replacing brake lights,  why socialism, why not capitalism, who the DSA is, and a disclaimer on the back. This will be accomplished through the creation of an 8”-11” trifold brochure. This format will minimize cost while maximizing the amount of space for copy.

Primary Audiences:

The primary audience is the people that are stopping for free brake lights. While this could be anyone, no one is turned away even if they are in a BMW, the target is minority communities. In the Reston area, this is mainly Hispanics, African-Americans, and immigrants. The assumption is that they have at least a high school education, can read some English, are working class, and are between the ages of 16 and 30.

Secondary Audiences:

Other DSA groups that we can share this flyer with so that they can use it when they want to host their own clinic.

Tone and Image:

Following the DSA style guide, the colors palette will be black, red, white, and gray. DSA’s typeface, Manifold DSA, is the official font of the organization and will be used for the copy and headlines. Images will include both the national DSA logo and NOVA’s branch logo, photos from NOVA’s first brake light clinic, other chapter’s brake light clinics, and the official brake light car illustration done by DSA New Orleans.