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Final Project Ideas


Two possible project ideas to focus on:

  1. Write about Shakespeare’s love relationships in plays and how they might correlate with his own views or romantic relationships. Can we get to know more about Shakespeare’s relationship with his wife? The society view on marriage? Compare and contrast the relationship dynamic between: Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar and his wife Calpurnia & Antony and Cleopatra. How does Shakespeare’s relationship with his wife and parents affect his storylines?
  2.  Write aboutPlay structure: Lopez and the function of the acts, language, or opening/closing scenes. Shakespeare’s bird imagery in text and performance (looking at Romeo e Giulietta and bird metaphors in the plays we’ve read)// Write about learning Shakespeare through performance. Look into how his writings of this play a role in the shift of modern literature. ( Shakespeare’s metaphors in plays, his usage of personal possessions and celebration), examining different ways in which material culture functioned on the stage in Shakespeare’s plays- how it interacted with language and action. Maybe narrow down to Romeo and Juliet play analysis while going back to the play we saw in Rome:Romeo e Giulietta. 

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