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Speech Idea for Rome Pt 2.


After reflecting on the passage I have chosen  to record, which is the speech given by Brutus to Cassius in Act 1 scene 2 which in some sense stirs the plot, I have decided that the best day to record it would be at the place of Caesar’s death-located in Rome’s Largo di Torre Argentina archaeological area, where is thought to be where he had originally died.

Click link bellow to article I found:

I think this setting is the most fitting because it is located to which the climax of the story ( his death) which Brutus has caused.

The story of friendship betrayal.. is tragic on so many levels which is why I wanted to stick with a speech from ” Julius Caesar”, because it was the most relatable story we have read in the semester. In some shape or form we have groan through a friendship betrayal, maybe not extreme to the point of death, but it is a milestone we all pass through either when we were younger or the in the future.


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