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In Act 1 scene 1 of Coriolanus, the reader first encounters the conflict or the main problem that the society faces that then shapes the protagonist’s actions. In Act 1, readers come across a mob, a group of citizens brought together to fight and demand change in Roman’s society. The poor are being treated unfairly and being looked down by the government. A great number of people are being starved and unjust laws are protecting the rich/ people in power to get away with so much. This scene is very similar to¬† Julius Caesar’s opening mob scene in Act 1 Scene 1. However in Act 1 Scene 1 of Julius Caesar, the citizens gather together to rejoice and celebrate unlike in Coriolanus where citizens of Rome gather to demand change. In each play, mobs are frown upon as they become loud and start to create chaos within the streets of Rome. However, most opening scenes in Shakespeare provide very little stage directions; allowing stage directors to interpret this scene in many ways. The director of the video posted above had a very interesting and intriguing point of view of Coriolanus opening scene. The mob wan’t your typical Shakespeare mob. They were somewhat peaceful and showed their emotions by their presence rather than by yelling in the streets in Rome. It had a very impactful message as one continues to read and reflect upon.

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