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Friendship Vs Leadership


In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Act 1-2, one is introduced to Julius Caesar himself and to other important characters such as: Calphurnia (Julius Caesar’s wife), Brutus, Portia (Brutus’s wife), Cassius, Mark Antony and a Soothsayer. In the beginning of Act 1, we can get an insight of what type of person/ leader Julius Caesar is. People are rejoicing and flooding the streets to celebrate the return of a great warrior- Julius Caesar. Although the play never directly mentions what his leadership looked liked, one can concluded that he was a very successful person and very liked. Julius Caesar was looked up to and was able to sway public opinion. With this assumption we can say Julius Caesar was a good leader.   

Many important relationships were introduced in the first three acts such as the relationship between Julius and Brutus ( a very complex relationship/ friendship) , Julius and Mark Antony (a loyal friendship), Julius and Cassius (not friends, “enemies”) , Julius and his wife Calpurnia, and the relationship between Brutus and his wife Portia. These relationships are very important to focus on as the story progresses. Julius Caesar has a very complex relationship with Brutus, who we see in Act three goes on with the plan of killing Julius Caesar for the “sake of Rome”. Brutus justifies every action he does which shows the lack of character. This flaw will lead to his fall.

Some examples of foreshadowing Julius Caesar’s death in the first three acts is :

Act 1, scene 2: The soothsayer tells Caesar to “beware the Ides of March!”. This is said a couple of times before Caesar’s assassination in Act 1 and in Act 3, on the day of his death.      

Act 2, scene 2:  Calphurnia (Julius Caesar’s wife) has a dream, a “vision” of the assassination of her husband. She warned her husband to say home for the day but Julius Caesar ignored once again the signs in front of him.   

The character who is emerging to becoming the next leader the most is Mark Antony. You can see the sift of character as he mourns for his friends death in Act three. He was able to sway the public’s opinion of Caesar after Brutus’s speech. Mark Antony is the only trustworthy character I see because he is well grounded and is staying loyal to his friend and to Rome by reading Caesar’s will to the public.          


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