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Group One:


GROUP 1 Discussion Questions:

  1. What does the opening scene say about Caesar’s leadership/ authority ? Do you think Caesar was a good leader? Why or why not? – Use evidence from text for explanation.
  2. Act 1 scene 2- The plan of Caesar assassination is first hinted here in this scene. Why was Brutus approached by Cassius?
  3. Act 1 scene 2- In this scene Caesar was offered the crown three times. Yet he refused three times. What might the number three foreshadow?
  4. How might people’s opinion about Caesar affect Caesar’s authority?
  5. Act 1 scene 3- In this scene the plot of Caesar’s assassination begins. What does this scene say about Romans interpretation of natural disasters/ events? ( Example: the interpretation of lighting and rain)       



  1. People were definitely happy when Caesar returned and became leader they were happy they thought Caesar was really great. The general population might not see Caesars motives but the people closest to Caesar see how he really is.

  2. To answer question number two- Brutus is approached by Cassius because he has seemed off recently. Cassius asks if Brutus is upset with him, as he has seemed distant and disconcerted. Brutus replies that he is not angry with Cassius, he just has a lot on his mind. Cassius takes this opportunity to “plant the seed” of assassinating Caesar in Brutus’ mind. It is revealed that Brutus has indeed been feeling disgruntled by Caesar’s rise to power and questions his ability to be a good leader. Cassius tries to encourage Brutus to join him in his plot by pointing out Caesar’s flaws and claiming that Brutus would be a much better leader.

  3. In the opening scene, it seems like there is one person that is being very cautious over Caesar. That act shows that he held a high authority and his leadership is very influential to his people especially the soothsayer who spoke out for him to “Beware the ides of March”. I do think Caesar was a good leader over his people, I definitely think the jealousy from those who betrayed and murdered him proves that because of their motives for killing him.

  4. 5.) This scene suggests that when there is bad weather such as thunder and lighting that the gods are angry with them. When Cassius is talking to Casca he tells him that he has bared his bosom to the thunderstone. Cassius feels that the bad weather is a warning sign and it warns against the tyranny of Caesar, while Casca feels as though the bad weather is a sign of bad luck and that something bad usually follows. As they are planning the assassination thunder shakes Rome like no other day has seen, and Cassius feels like this is the perfect time to assassinate Caesar while Casca feels the opposite.

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