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Group Four:


GROUP 4 Discussion Questions:

1.“Actions speak louder than words” Do you think this is true in Shakespeare’s Rome?

2. What does the easy sway of opinion by the Romans in this scene (Act 3 scene 2)  say about Shakespeare’s Rome?

3.Brutus undergoes a drastic change of character as the play progressed. Mark Antony even mentions in his speech to the people how Brutus is a “honorable man” or rather “was” a honorable man. What does Brutus’s  actions say about his character now? What might happen to him in the next Act? Make predictions of what will happen to Brutus and to Mark Antony.

4.What was the importance of Act 3 scene 3? What can you draw out of this scene?


  1. 1. I think that words speak just as loudly as actions in this play. Words help lead into the actions that are to come further in the play, the words speak loudly but not very clearly.

  2. 2.It shows the mob mentally of the people of Rome. Shakespeare seems to actively dislike them because they don’t think for themselves. They are all easily swayed by both speeches.

  3. – Brutus is easily persuaded by Cassius to conspiracy to kill Caesar, even though he did like Caesar. He is not as honorable as he was since he betrayed caeser.
    – He might fall
    – I believe that Mark Anthony will fight against Brutus and the conspirators and will beat them.

  4. Act 3 scene 3 seems to primarily demonstrate the rising levels of violence and civil strife in Rome and how uncontrollable the rage of the mob is.

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