Playoffs! Yes NFL Playoffs are almost here

NFL Playoff picture

NFC                                                 AFC

  1. Packers                                 1. Chiefs
  2. Saints                                    2. Steelers
  3. Rams                                     3. Bills
  4. Washington                          4. Titans
  5. Seahawks                              5. Browns
  6. Buccaneers                           6. Colts
  7. Cardinals                               7. Dolphins

8. Ravens ( in the hunt for wild card spot)

Final playoff spot in the AFC

Week 15 is about to start and here are the standings for the playoffs as of right now.  I should mention I only put these teams and no other because I am pretty confident all these teams will make the playoffs with Ravens having a great chance to get in.  The Baltimore Ravens face the Jaguars, Giants, and Bengals and should no doubt win all three unless they decide they forget how to play football or something dramatic happens.  Winning all three would lead to the Ravens having an 11-5 record which should be enough to make the playoffs unless the Miami Dolphins have other plans.  The Dolphins will spoil the Ravens playoff hopes if they win all three of there games against the Patriots, Raiders, and Bills which is a little tougher than the Ravens last three games.  I have a funny feeling that if the Dolphins win the first two against the Patriots and Raiders that they will get a “free win” over the Bills if the Bills have nothing to play for in week 17.  If the Bills can’t move up or down in the standings then they probably won’t play their starters the whole game and the Dolphins would play hard the whole game.  I think if the Dolphins lose just one game the Ravens are in the playoffs no matter what and the Dolphins will just play for strong finish and look forward to the draft.

Final Playoff seeding

Like I mentioned before all these teams I assume are making the playoffs besides the Ravens being on the outside looking in at the moment. All that is left is the seeding and who will play each other in the first round.  First let’s talk about will get the first seed in both conferences and get a first round bye, this year one more playoff team are in the playoffs but now only the one seed gets a bye in the first round.  The chiefs are finishing first place in the AFC they are the best team in the AFC despite having a little trouble against the Dolphins and are probably the best team overall.  They might struggle at times but the thing is they find a way to win no matter what I think that’s what makes them special not just Mahomes and Andy Reid.  In the NFC the Packers should get the first seed especially if the Chiefs beat the Saints, and the Packers only tough opponent left is the Tennessee Titans.  The only thing that I hate about the Green Bay Packers is they beat up on all the average and below average teams but can really struggle against the great teams.  Depending on who they might face the next round they could be one and done so don’t be surprised.  I don’t put to much blame on Aaron Rodgers but if you shut down the run game and Davante Adams you essentially slow them down enough and the team failed to put more talent around Rodgers and instead drafted for the future which was kind of absurd.  Drafting a QB and RB in the first round was such a joke especially because the RB AJ Dillon doesn’t even get any playing time almost at all plus they already had a stud in Aaron Jones.

In the AFC the Bills have a chance at the second seed and they are on a hot streak the only question about them is when they get in playoffs can they be more than one and done.  The seeds four through seven have about a game difference between one another so the Bills won’t know who they are playing probably until the regular season is over.  The addition of Stefon Diggs was very big and lets them be a dynamic offense the running game is a little suspect at times but funny enough Josh Allen makes up for it.  In the AFC I am just interested if anybody can beat the Chiefs to get to the Super bowl.  In the NFC standings should stay the same with the Buccaneers and seahawks possibly switching spots and I just don’t see any teams behind the cardinals to make the playoffs and I would give the Vikings a thirty percent chance at best I just know Kirk Cousins will let you down when you need him the most.  The NFC is up for grabs and my childhood favorite team Washington I feel probably loses the first playoff game if it’s against the Buccaneers unless it’s against the Seahawks who they play week 15 so I want to see how that goes since Seahawks struggle against teams with a good pass rush.  I love Russell Wilson and what he brings but they won’t win anything if they can’t get at least 2 more good offensive lineman to protect Wilson, can’t win all the time running for your life the whole game.  Cardinals look special when they play at their best.  Realistically it will probably come down to Saints, Rams, or Packers to represent the NFC in the superbowl those are all overall good teams.


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