Summary: Source 2

Leszkiewicz, Anna. 2019. “Zadie, deconstructed.” New Statesman; London Vol. 148, Iss. 5492, (Oct 11-Oct 17, 2019):47.

As pointed out by Leszkiewicz, Smith’s works are so multifaceted, so “extracting a coherent, consistent theme from the stories (19 stories in total) is “a fool’s errand”. She describes Smith’s book’s subject as “the fraught and complex experience of life in the modern world” which is in a way truism, or a non-official statement, which is both too extensive and too narrow at the same time. The other interesting piece is that Smith has always been pretty outspoken about her rejection of the internet and technological gadgets. In fact, she is proud of using her old-fashioned flip phone and she also thanks website blockers as they liberate and give individuals self-control in the acknowledgements of her fourth novel NW. Focusing on “The Lazy River”, she describes the post-Brexit society as a pool with an artificial current in which “most of us float”, unthinkingly, buying flotation devices that makes this “effortless” state of suspension “easier still”.

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