Summary:  Source 1

Kirkus Reviews; Austin Vol. LXXXVII, Iss. 15,  (Aug 1, 2019).

Zadie Smith has launched many short fictional stories in newspapers like the New Yorker, Granta, and the Paris Review. She has also added 11 brand new pieces, in order to publish her first collection. Readers have the ability to strongly visualize each of her stories and essays, and have the chance to really get to know characters in each story. Smith’s brilliance really shines in “The Lazy River,” where according to Kirkus Reviews it’s “unlike the river of Heraclitus, is always the same no matter where you happen to step into it.” The story, containing an artificial aquatic amusement, rotating endlessly through a resort in a small Spanish town can be described as “a non-judgement zone” for the tourists, where “we’re submerged, all of us.”

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