My Leadership Discussion

First of all, I’m very thankful that I got the chance to present before the arrival of my baby. I was really nervous the week before. Second, I feel lucky to have Dr. Ficke attending and adding to our class this week. The first thing I did after class is to go to the MU plan and add her class to my next semester plan. I really liked what she talked about.

Now about the content, I find the way we do our discussion is better than if we were doing presentations. I felt more comfortable sharing with the class what I found/thought after reading for this week. I wish I can do more research to find more about the differences between the original novel and its adaptations. I wanted to talk about the audiobook, but I was worried that I’ll mix things together. I chose to focus on the TV series since we all watched it, and it was the one I like the most.

Learning about digital humanities is really fascinating. My experience with it was during my undergraduate, we used a bilingual corps to compare the use of words in different contexts, for translation. However, I find that there are more ways to use the digital humanities method for “language” studies.

I enjoyed this week’s class, and I felt more engaged with this part of the novel because I was reading it more deeply than the other volumes. I hope that my professor and my classmate enjoyed it too.

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