“Human Faces Can Express at Least 21 Distinct Emotions” by Alice Park

This article points out the wide range of emotions that can be shown through facial expressions. Although the six core emotions are happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, and digust, a professor at Ohio State University studied and defined a broader spectrum of the subcategories of these emotions. As a photographer, this article has inspired me to pay closer attention to facial expressions when trying to capture the mood of a photo. When working birthday parties and events, I always wait for key moments that truly capture my subject’s surprise, happiness, or passion in the moment, but I often forget to capture the important moments in between that are just as important.

“To Really Read Emotions, Look at Body Language, Not Facial Expressions” by Laura Blue

When someone says to take a photo that accurately captures the mood of a moment, you would automatically think to photograph the faces of your subjects. This article provides a good reminder that taking photos that show emotion isn’t all about facial expressions. For example, a subject with slumped shoulders and their head down could represent their sadness more accurately than their emotionless face might. After reading this article, I will remember to keep that fact in mind when I am taking photos.

“Emotions May Not Be So Universal After All” by Alice Park

This article discusses the fact that not all emotional expressions are universal. After conducting research, the author found that different people interpreted facial expressions and sounds differently than others. In regards to my photography, this reminds me that I should not rely so heavily on facial expressions to establish the mood of the photo. It is just as important for the surroundings and body language to represent the emotion than the face of the subject.


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