About A Photograph


  • 1/23: Josh Newton (https://vimeo.com/100901045)
    • This photo is inspirational because even though a wildfire broke out during the wedding and caused them to have to leave the venue and rearrange all of their plans, the photo still came out beautifully and gained enough recognition to be shown on the Good Morning America show. This proves that even though you can put an endless amount of hours and effort into composing a “perfect” photograph, the most amazing photos come naturally because they show the beauty that can be found within the chaos of life.
  • 1/30: Ted Jackson (https://vimeo.com/107602083)
    • This photo is inspirational because the photographer put a lot of time and effort into positioning the camera correctly to get the perfect shot. It also shows that despite the aggressive wind and storm happening around him, Ted Jackson risked his life and the well-being of his equipment to get this photo. This is a reminder that sometimes you have to take risks to get a great shot.
  • 2/5: Ed Kashi (https://vimeo.com/89976678)
    • This photo is inspirational because it shows three christian walking in one direction and a muslim woman walking the opposite way in the rearview mirror. The image both creates a “narrative” and is “aesthetic”. This image reminded me how important it is as a photojournalist to always be ready and watching for the right moment to snap a photo if you want to truly capture the essence of your surroundings.
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