Crumbs & Whiskers

Crumbs & Whiskers is a cafe located in Georgetown, D.C. that offers beverages and macaroons for customers to enjoy while they simultaneously interact with cats.

The cafe has two floors with plenty of space for the cats to roam and lounge.
For local college students missing their fur babies back home, this is a great place to visit for some much-needed animal therapy.
Each cat comes from a local animal shelter and are all up for adoption.
The cafe encourages visitors to take lots of photos and share and tag Crumbs & Whiskers in their posts.
The only rule is that you may not pick up the cats, they have to approach you first.
So far, the cafe has successfully found homes for 615 cats; saved 1,352 cats from risk of euthanasia; and donated $22k to non-profit partners.

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